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Loosely inspired by Hitchcock's film Vertigo, Ferguson and Barton is a riotous challenge to the Hollywood patriarchy. It asks, 'how do women play women and men play men? Do we have any hope of playing these roles together?' In reaching back to Hitchcock's classic film, Ferguson and Barton seeks to disrupt our perception of gender norms. The narrative is open but the characters are relatable, inviting the audience to map onto this pair the story of their own relationships. At the centre of Ferguson and Barton is the question, 'Can we ever really understand the person closest to us?'

Made in association with Platform Theatre.

Co-creators and performers Lucy Ireland and Jim Manganello

Designer Anna Yates

Lighting designer Emma Jones

Running time = 1 hour



19 January @ 3pm - work-in-progress sharing at The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow

7 February 2019 @ 6pm - Extract as part of ‘Snapshots 2’ at Manipulate Festival, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

11/12 March 2019 @ 7pm - Premiere performances at Platform Theatre, Glasgow

22 March 2019 @ 9pm - Camden People’s Theatre, London

touring in 2020, contact us if interested in booking

Photography by Mihaela Bodlovic.

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